Self-consumption, self-generation and PPAs


New electricity supply solutions, both full-service turnkey and PPAs, based on clean technologies

With our solutions and services, we help our clients to benefit from the change of the energy model.


Solar Photovoltaics

A mature, price competitive, reliable, simple to operate and maintain, durable and scalable technology.

Thanks to the technological improvement of recent years, in some parts of the world, solar PV is already one of the cheapest ways of producing energy.

Storage Systems

Electrical energy cannot always be generated and/or consumed when desired.

New electricity storage technologies are increasingly reliable, price competitive and durable.

They have many uses (arbitration, reduction of contracted capacity, increase of the self-consumption ratio, among others).

EMS (Energy Management System)

What cannot be measured, cannot be analysed, managed, and optimised.

Digitisation has reached the electricity sector and allows us to control and manage the energy we generate, store, and consume in real time.


We offer different types of customized solutions with an innovative approach:

On-grid Grid-connected consumers

On-Site Generation at the point of consumption

  • Self-Consumption

    Installation of solar panels at the consumption point.

  • Storage

    Installation of batteries at the consumption point.

  • PPA On-Site

    Purchase and sale between generator and consumer.

Off-Site Generation at a different location

  • Self-Consumption

    Installation of solar panels at a different point from the consumption one, with better radiation and without space or power limitations.

  • Virtual or physical PPA

    Purchase and sale or hedging of the price of energy between generator and consumer.

Off-grid Off-grid consumers

  • Solar Pumping/Irrigation

    Installation of solar panels for water pumping.

  • Off-grid Systems

    Electricity supply with Diesel-Solar-Storage.


What is a PPA? What types of PPAs are there and how do they work?

A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a long-term power purchase agreement.
By type, there are Physical PPAs and Virtual PPAs, and by configuration, On-Site PPAs and Off-Site PPAs.

If you want to know more details about it, visit our FAQs page or our Blog.



Design and Engineering

  • Parameterisation and optimisation of electrical energy consumption.
  • Analysis of the economic and energetic optimum.
  • Basic and detailed engineering.

Turnkey Installation

  • Selection and purchase
    of equipment.
  • Installation.
  • Legalisation.
  • Connection and Implementation.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Energy production and consumption control.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.


PPA Contract: LT Electrical Energy Supplies

  • Opengy takes care of the total initial investment, as well as of the management and maintenance of the asset.
  • The client purchases the clean energy generated by the asset at a competitive and non-volatile price.

For more details, please visit our FAQs page anf our Blog (in Spanish).



Preliminary Study and Offer

The client sends us the location and electricity supply bill of each of the consumption points he wants us to study. We analyse which are the best solutions to apply, we make an energy balance, we design an indicative offer and we analyse the financial viability and the savings achieved.

Visit the For Who section to check if you belong to one of our client categories and fill in the Form to request a Preliminary Study and Offer.


Definitive Study and Offer

If the client is interested in Opengy’s solutions and services, he/she must provide us with the data of the load curve and the actual price he/she is paying for the energy consumed and power contracted (including power excesses). We will perform a more comprehensive and detailed analysis and we will make a definitive and binding offer.


Execution and Legalisation

Once the client accepts the Final Offer, we will start working as per our agreement to meet deadlines. We will take care of everything.


Operation and Guarantee

We are not the kind of company that takes the money and disappears. We provide guarantees. We always want to be close to the client, verifying that the implemented solutions work correctly.