Discover the new way of consuming energy

We are a company in the energy sector seeking to offer new ways of supplying (PPA, self-consumption and self-generation) and managing electricity, aimed forĀ consumers and based on a new energy model.

We Understand Your Needs

With our soluctions we help our clients to:

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Our proposal

We offer innovative Solutions based on current Technologies, such as Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Energy Storage Systems and EMS (Energy Management Systems).

Join In the Change

After more than one century operating in the same way, the electricity sector is deeply immersed in a change of model, thanks to the emergence of new technologies, new players and new business models.


  • Centralised

  • Oligopolistic

  • Fossil

  • Analogue


  • Descentralised

  • Open and Transparent

  • Renewable and Clean

  • Digital and Connected