Why Opengy?

Experience, knowledge and guarantees to ensure that our clients save on their electricity bills, become more independent with their energy management, and improve their corporate image

    Benefits of our solutions

    Our Solutions and Technologies offer great benefits to our clients:

      Savings on the Electricity Bill

      Our clients can save up to 50% on their electricity bill.

      Our solutions act on the Energy consumed and the Power demanded

      Less Price Volatility

      We provide an absolute visibility in the long-term kwh price (up to 25 years).

      We reduce volatility and protect our clients from future increases.

      Independence and Control

      For the first time, our clients will have control over the origin, supply, cost and use of their energy.

      Sustainability and Corporate Image

      Our solutions are based on 100% renewable and clean technologies.

      We reduce the carbon footprint and improve our clients’ corporate image.

Opengy Advantages


Tailor-Made solutions

We do not sell pre-designed kits or solutions. We analyse each client’s needs, and we seek the best solution.


Turnkey and After-Sales service

We offer a comprehensive service that covers each stage, from the conception of the solution to the end of its lifespan. We take care of everything.



We offer the best warranties in the market in our Turnkey and Operation and Maintenance services.


Independence and Value for Money

We are aware of the technologies we use and their manufacturers. We know how to get the best value for money. We bear in mind that they are long-term investments and that they must be profitable. We are independent, and we do not have any agreements with any manufacturer.


PPA Type Solutions

In other cases, it is better not to buy equipment, but services. A third party, such as Opengy, carries out the investment and the client simply pay for the services provided (energy, storage, control, and management).


Expertise and Professionalism

Belonging to Enertis Group, with over 14 years of experience and recognised prestige in the sector thanks to its know-how and expertise, could be enough. But, moreover, Opengy has a highly experienced and qualified team.



Nowadays, everything evolves very fast. At Opengy we invest in innovation and to be always up-to-date on technological innovations, providing the best solutions to our clients.