Open Energy

We offer new forms of electricity supply and management to our clients, who are the main actors of the new energy model. Our solutions are based on clean technologies


Opengy stands for “open energy”, open, transparent, and accessible energy.

We want to actively participate in the energy transition process in which the electricity sector is immersed. After operating in the same way for more than a century, a profound and rapid change is taking place. We are moving from a centralised, closed, oligopolistic and fossil-based system towards a decentralised, open, clean, and digital one. This is possible thanks to the emergence of new technologies (such as solar photovoltaic or batteries), new actors (such as Opengy), new solutions (such as self-consumption) and new services (such as PPAs).

Our goal is to help our clients make this transition in an optimal way and benefit from the change of the energy model.

We collaborate with Blacksalt, an Asset Management firm focused on the renewable energy sector, mainly solar PV technology, that fosters economic growth, social impact, environmental sustainability, and long-term value generation.

Opengy is part of the Enertis Group.

Our values

  • Innovation

  • Transparency

  • Quality

  • Sustainability

  • Commitment

Our Experience

Our team is composed of highly experienced and qualified professionals with extensive and in-depth knowledge of solar photovoltaic technology and the electricity sector. We currently have a track-record of more than 160 MW of projects in which we have carried out the installation, feasibility study and/or engineering. Discover a selection of our main projects.

Our main projects

Self -consumption solar PV installation for an irrigation community

First self-consumption installation for an irrigation community in Extremadura

  • 0,6 MW
  • co2 avoided 282 t/year
  • 942.000 kWh/year

Largest PPA-backed rooftop solar PV project in Spain

Self-consumption rooftop solar PV installation for Grupo Losán in Soria with a 2M € investment

  • 3 MW
  • co2 avoided 1.264 t/year
  • 3.742.570 kWh/year

Rooftop solar PV parking lot

Hospital Infanta Leonor
(Largest rooftop solar PV parking lot in Madrid)

  • 0.6 MW
  • co2 avoided 282 t/year
  • 942.000 kWh/year

Integrated solar PV roof-top

Palacio de Congresos de León
(Rooftop self-consumption installation in Leon’s Palacio de Congresos)

  • 1,1 MW
  • co2 avoided 230 t/year
  • 1.356.823 kWh/year
Instalación solar fotovoltaica Palacio de Congresos León

Discover more projects on our YouTube channel.

We are part of Enertis Group

Opengy is part of the Enertis Group, a global firm with more than 14 years of experience in consulting, engineering, and quality control of solar photovoltaic energy projects.



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